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Crash Case Construction

The materials used in our Crash Cases are specifically engineered to withstand the effects of UV degradation.

Amazing Injection-molded Cases Offering 100% Protection

Crash Cases is founded on the principal of high-quality products that provide solid protection for every kind of travel and storage.

Let us tell you a little bit about the construction of our Crash Cases...

The injection-molded construction and fibreglass reinforced polypropylene shell has a smooth and solid feel to it. The case will not become brittle in freezing temperatures (-40 degrees Celsius), and will keep its shape in blistering hot environments (+90 Celsius). It has a flame retardant composition, and is environmentally friendly being a completely recyclable material.

Cube Foam

All standard Crash Cases come with layers of Cube Foam (also known as "Pluck Foam") which allows a user to remove cubes of the material to the shape of the intended item for the case.

This reduces movement of the item within the case, and offers an additional degree of protection from shock and sudden movement.

All standard Crash Cases include layers of cube foam which can be customized as required, or removed if not needed.

Quantity of layers, and dimensions of cube foam are dependent on the size of the Crash Case.

Integrated "Exo-Rib" Construction

Crash Cases are designed for maximum strength and protection of your valuable cargo items, and a part of that design is the integrated "Exo-Ribs", which are strategically placed to protect latches pressure relief valves, and handles from impact damage.

The added rib design also provides an extra layer of bumper protection to the case itself and its contents.

Dual Stage Rocker Latches

The Dual Stage Rocker Latches on most of our Crash Cases are designed for ease of use, and minimize the strain on the closure in opening and closing situations.

Featured on all standard models

Shelf Tag Window / Pressure Relief Dial

  • Most Crash Cases have an integrated plastic windows that slides out when the case is open, and allows the placement of a label, barcode, or other description for good visibility while cases are shelved.
  • Because Crash Cases are airtight, watertight and dust proof, you can imagine that the seal is very secure, and the air vacuum inside could make it difficult to open. The pressure relief valve on every standard Crash Case eliminates this concern.
  • The handle on a Crash Case is ergonomic and comfortable, and when folded in the handle is protected by the engineered Exo-Ribs of the Crash Case. Design of handle is custom to each case based on weight and size with more ergonomic cushioning on the heavier cases.

Lock Slot

All standard Crash Cases feature an integrated "lock-slot" which allows the use of small pad locks, cable locks, or cable ties to further secure your cargo.

Sealing Gasket

All Standard Crash Cases feature a separate sealing o-ring gasket that is engineered to provide a coveted IP 67 waterproof rating.

Lid Removal (on Select Models)

Many of the larger cases with the line-up feature a removable lid - perfect for unencumbered access to the contents, or for use as a project case. With a small flat head screwdriver, you can quickly remove or re-attach the lid as required.

Branding / Labelling

  • Most Crash Cases are shipped with a adhesive PVC label inserted into the center frame/indentation, which is removable if you would prefer to affix your own company name and logo.
  • Some Crash Case models in Canada are still shipping out with the "Softlite" branding in the transition phase. If you prefer a Crash Case label, we are happy to mail a replacement to you upon request.